Notes →

Hey there, stranger.


My name is Diana and I’m a freshman in high school.

I live in this country in Europe from where I’ll escape one day.

I have this irritating older brother whom I love a lot.

I’m a Christian.



I’m a mess; unpredictable, reckless and stubborn kid. I tend to push people away.

I believe we can make this world a better place. Society we grew up in sucks.

Animals are better than people. I want a cat, but my parents don’t approve.

I have a very sweet tooth, give me cake and I’ll love you forever.

I’m an optimistic person. Optimism doesn’t pay off.

My mom is absolutely the best person I know okay. 

I’ve had this dream of becoming an actress but people crushed it.

Hypocrites are the worst kind of people. 

I’m afraid of heights and needles.

I love the sea. Some of my favourite things in the world are big sweaters, tea, good hair days, old songs, untouched snow, comedies, red nail polish, stuffed animals and flowers.

I’m that person who gets hooked on a song, listens to it nonstop and then hates it. Paramore is the only exception.

I like English and History, Maths and Physics are useless.

I love tv shows; Vampire Diaries and Secret Circle are my favourite.

I want to become a vegetarian.

I hate distance, distance sucks.

I tend to disappoint myself a lot.

I love life.